Pregnancy Loss Support Program staff has experience training professionals from many disciplines including nurses, doctors, social workers, genetic counselors, child-life specialists and other healthcare providers to become crucial means of support for those dealing with pregnancy loss. We will work with you to offer a training tailored to any workplace setting.

Topics for Pregnancy Loss Support Training:

  1. Understanding and Responding to Grief after Pregnancy Loss:
  • Audience: All healthcare providers, social workers, child-life specialists.
  • Topics: Identifying and validating grief reactions, navigating different types of loss (miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth), cultural and religious perspectives on grief, effective communication and listening skills, self-care strategies for providers.
  1.   Communicating with Patients about Pregnancy Loss:
  • Audience: Doctors, nurses, midwives, genetic counselors, social workers.

Topics: Delivering bad news with empathy and compassion, tailoring communication to individual needs and cultural backgrounds, answering common questions, managing patients' expectations, providing clear information about next steps and resources.

  1. Supporting Partners and Families Coping with Pregnancy Loss:
  • Audience: Nurses, doctors, social workers, therapists, chaplains.
  • Topics: Recognizing the unique needs of partners and family members, supporting communication within families, addressing guilt and blame, navigating relationships after loss, facilitating open conversations about pregnancy loss.
  1. Building Resilience and Finding Hope after Pregnancy Loss:
  • Audience: Patients and families experiencing pregnancy loss, support group facilitators, bereavement counselors.
  • Topics: Normalizing the emotional journey after loss, identifying coping mechanisms and self-care strategies, exploring paths to healing and hope, navigating future pregnancies, connecting with support groups and resources.
  1. Creating a Supportive Workplace Environment for Pregnancy Loss:
  • Audience: Hospital administrators, managers, human resources personnel, all healthcare providers.
  • Topics: Developing protocols for acknowledging and responding to pregnancy loss, policies for paid leave and bereavement support, building a supportive peer network, training staff on appropriate language and communication, addressing stigma and taboo surrounding pregnancy loss.

Other workshops could include:

  1. Men/fathers experiencing pregnancy loss: Addressing unique challenges and offering tailored support.
  2. Child-life specialists: Supporting children through parent(s) experiencing pregnancy loss.
  3. Spiritual and religious leaders: Offering guidance and support from a faith-based perspective.

If you are interested in working with the Pregnancy Loss Support Program of NCJW of New York to offer a workshop at your organization, please email us or call us at 646-884-9464.

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