Peer Counseling

Pregnancy Loss Support Program is guided by a licensed social worker with extensive experience in pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss. Our professionally trained volunteers, all of whom have participated in our program following their own pregnancy losses, provide personal and prompt nationwide telephone counseling for men and women. Both male and female volunteers are available.

After an initial telephone intake interview with our PLPS Intake Coordinator, a caller to PLSP is matched with a volunteer for peer counseling. The volunteer counselor, who themselves have previously experienced a similar pregnancy loss, has been trained to offer the kind of support that only one who has suffered similarly can provide.

PLSP counseling is short-term, usually three sessions. Women and their partners may be counseled separately or together, and we try to make the best match to meet the particular needs of the new “counselees.”

PLSP peer counselors do not act as therapists; they supply a safe, understanding space in which the counselee can share and process their feelings of loss and grief. The counselor has “been there” and understands that pregnancy loss is a specific, unique kind of loss. The counselee has not only lost their baby, but they have also lost their future. Dreams are dashed and plans are canceled. How does one go on after losing their baby? How does one confront the often well-meaning but inappropriate comments of others? How can one be happy for someone else who is still, luckily for them, expecting a child? How does the marital relationship survive a pregnancy loss when partners may be grieving differently and are unable to be supportive of one another?  Feelings of pain, grief, anger, and shame are all normal reactions to losing a baby but how does one get through the overwhelming despair these emotions provoke?

PLSP counselors have been trained and are supervised/guided by a licensed social worker with extensive experience in pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss. As counseling is by telephone, we can help people from all over the United States and beyond.
We understand…we’ve been there…we’re here to help.

Reach out to speak with a telephone counselor about pregnancy or infant loss.