Pregnancy loss is a devastating experience that not only affects parents but also has a profound impact on the entire family, including grandparents. As kinship is a fundamental aspect of human relationships, the loss of a grandchild can be an incredibly difficult and emotional journey for grandfathers and grandmothers. Often overlooked, the role of grandparenting during this time is crucial in providing support and comfort to their children as well as honoring the memory of their grandchild. 

At the Pregnancy Loss Support Program (PLSP), we understand the unique challenges that grandparents face and offer a safe and compassionate space for them to navigate through their grief. If you are a grandparent struggling with the loss of a grandchild, know that you are not alone. Contact the Pregnancy Loss Support Program today for support and guidance on how to cope with the impact of pregnancy loss on grandparents and grandchildren.

The Unseen Grief of Grandparents During Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss can affect the whole family. When your baby loses their baby, it is a double loss to a grandparent. You suffer your loss as well as your child’s. You see their dream of parenthood collapse and you experience their grief as well as your own. How can you get through this yourself while being completely present, supportive, and a source of comfort for your child? What should you say? What should you not say? Your tears are both for the loss of your grandchild and for the terrible pain your child is forced to endure. In such circumstances, it's vital to acknowledge your grief while also giving yourself permission to lean on others for support. Simultaneously, strive to strike a balance in maintaining your role as a source of comfort for your grieving child.

Honoring Their Role in the Pregnancy Loss Journey

As much as your child’s pain may hurt you, try to listen attentively and lovingly to them. You cannot take away their pain with a quick suggestion (e.g., you’ll have another baby), as much as you wish you could. Don’t force them to talk, though, if they are not ready. It is normal to feel unequipped to support your child and their partner in this loss, especially when you are experiencing your own grief. It can be uncomfortable just listening and reflecting to them about how sad/painful/tragic it is for them to lose a much-wanted baby. You may feel powerless, but the gift of listening to painful feelings can be the greatest in these circumstances.

If you had a pregnancy loss of your own in the past, your child’s loss may trigger those painful memories for you. It may also allow you to be a more understanding parent to your child, although don’t assume you know exactly how they are feeling. As grandparents, however, you, too, need support. But this cannot come from your child or their partner at this time of their loss. Reach out and share your feelings especially if you have other family or peers who have experienced such a loss themselves in the past. Drawing on their experiences could provide a valuable source of empathy and understanding for you during this tough time. Don't shy away from professional counseling, if needed, to process your feelings and emotions in a safe and therapeutic environment.

The Healing Power of Support Groups

Support groups offer a comforting environment where grandparents can share their feelings, experiences, and fears openly without judgment. This invaluable resource can assist in the process of healing and help grandparents to better understand and cope with their grief. 

In these groups, you can spend time with others who have experienced similar losses, providing mutual reassurance and understanding. Here, grandmas and grandpas can talk with fellow grandparents from their generations about the sorrow of losing a grandchild and the complex dynamics of providing family support while managing their grief. They can discuss the challenges of wanting to protect our children from further pain, while also needing space to grieve themselves. 

Support groups facilitate important conversations about grief, resilience, and recovery. They can provide resources and strategies to help manage the day-to-day emotional ups and downs that come with grief. This supportive environment can aid grandparents in navigating their journey of grief, helping them to acknowledge their loss, honor their grandchild, and find strength in unity.

Finding Meaning and Purpose After The Loss of a Grandchild

The loss of a grandchild can feel like an insurmountable tragedy, creating a void in the lives of grandparents. Yet, it's possible to find meaning and purpose in such loss. One powerful way is by deepening the bond with your adult children and remaining connected with the rest of your relatives and family members. This closeness fosters a shared understanding and provides an opportunity to express your unconditional love. 

Cherish the moments of joy you've shared with your grandkids, whether born or unborn, and honor their memory through meaningful rituals. These may include creating a memory box, planting a tree, or writing letters to the grandchild you lost. 

Another avenue is channeling your grief into efforts that support others experiencing pregnancy loss. Volunteering or participating in fundraising events can provide a sense of purpose and enable you to make a positive impact. It’s essential to remember that finding meaning doesn’t diminish the importance of your lost grandchild, but rather positively honors their existence.

Supporting Grandma and Grandpa Through The Pain

At the Pregnancy Loss Support Program, we are dedicated to supporting grandparents and great-grandparents through the anguish of losing a grandchild. Our experienced counselors provide guidance in processing personal feelings of loss while strengthening family relationships. We offer tools to uplift your well-being and help you provide support to your bereaved children. If you're a grandparent seeking assistance after a baby's loss, do not hesitate to contact us. Your grief matters, and we are here to journey with you through this painful period.

Contact us if you are a grandparent looking for support after the death of a baby.